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Completed Projects (follow colored links to see publications)

Manuscripts in preparation or under review

  • Open-label placebo impact on functioning in low back pain                                   Germany

  • Patient-physician relationships and expectations                                                     California        

  • Impact of nocebo explanation on side effect reporting after colonoscopy          New Zealand

Active projects

  • Open-label placebo for treatment of depression                                                      Israel                     

  • Adjusting the doctor’s behavior to the patient’s needs                                            Italy                  

  • Effects of enhanced provider-patient communication on post-operative pain    Netherlands 

  • Open-label placebo (saline injection) treatment for back pain                               Boulder

  • Conditioned open-label placebo for analgesia reduction in spinal chord injury  Boston 

  • Enhancement of placebo-like analgesia due to side effect interpretation            Switzerland   

  • Open-label placebo treatment for hot flashes                                                          Germany

  • Preventing nocebo effects in cancer by optimizing medical information            Germany                               

  • Managing side effects in clinical practice (gastrointestinal disorders)                 Boston                   

  • Open-label dose-extending placebos in methodone treatment                             Baltimore                               

  • Brain markers supporting successful patient/clinician interactions (fMRI)          Boston   

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